Here we go again.

18 April 2015

For reasons I'll go into in a bit, this post didn't start off auspiciously. Just as I was about to put fingers to keyboard extenuating circumstances prevented the composition of text...

Long time readers of this blog are no doubt aware of two things: That I haven't posted much here in past weeks and my long and sordid history of dental problems. As it turns out, the two things are more related than it would otherwise seem.

I haven't had it in me for the past few weeks to sit down and write anything substantial, the queue of notes on Windbringer to the contrary. A note here, a note there, occasionally some news articles but nothing really creative or in-depth on anything of substance because I've been too scatterbrained to do so. After getting home from work I'd usually just pass out and get up the next morning to do it all over again. Not good for creative output or getting much of anything accomplished, to be sure.

Last week I came down with the first cold of the year, a spring cold which started off masquerading as an allergy attack but succeeded in kicking the legs out from under me. They bring with them a certain amount of discomfort, i.e. sinus problems that I'd discounted as really nothing serious, including pain in other parts of my head that isn't uncommon with those sorts of things. The way the facial nerves are networked the phenomenon of referred pain, or pain arising from something in one area being felt in a different location is to be expected. So I figured that the headaches (and scalp aches... and migraine-like eye aches) were just the nerves in my sinuses acting up, and took Advil and went about my business for a few days. Or tried to.

On Friday morning, after two nights of practically no REM sleep I couldn't take the pain anymore at work. Even eating yogurt for breakfast, I was nearly unable to swallow and certainly unable to close my jaws. I rang up Dr. Ken Freeman in the Financial District of San Francisco and got a lucky time slot for a consultation. Cutting to the chase, this is a repeat of the last time I had some dental work go bad. After the usual imaging, poking, and prodding the diagnosis was in: Another dental abscess beneath tooth #19. There is a very good chance that it's been developing slowly for weeks, and the stress I've been under has been suppressing my immune system just enough to fight a losing battle against the infection. Cue the malaise and unusual collection of pains in my head - more signs that something was wrong and I wasn't thinking clearly enough to figure out what was happening. This is also the reason that the left side of my jaw is noticeably distended due to the inflammation.... it's also why tooth #19 is pushed about a quarter out of its socket, which is why I couldn't swallow anything without putting pressure on it. The abscess is at the tips of the roots and pushing straight up, using the mandible as leverage. There are also dark spots at the bottom of the crown of the tooth which might or might not be infected tissue, we're not sure yet. What is known is that the infection has to be brought under control before another root canal can be performed, which means another course of antibiotics.

I was prescribed clindamycin to battle the infection. It's not a pharmaceutical I've taken before but I'm not opposed to switching up antibiotics if I need them. So, I took the first dose yesterday around 1730, another dose around 2300 last night... and promptly had a shitty sitcom moment. By that, I mean moving at speed through the house while tying my hair back and muttering "Get out of my way!" so I'd make it to the bathroom in time to vomit explosively. This put something of a damper on the rest of my night. Then, shortly after I sat down to work on this post I had another "Gangway!" moment that necessitated a clear path to the bathroom to regurgitate with equal violence. It would seem that my body doesn't get along well with this particular antibiotic, comma, note to self.

It looks like I'm about ten days out from another root canal and counting. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to make it.

Addendum: Guess what just happened again? I hate my lives.

At least my aim's been good so far.