Ego Likeness and the Mission UK.

Shortly before departing the DC metroplex late last year, Lyssa and I went to one last concert at the 9:30 Club downtown. It is noteworthy in that it was one of the first shows after the death of Josh Burdette, former chief of security; long-time concert goers at the 9:30 left things in memoriam of him on the street, sidewalk, and inside the building (which we took some photographs of). The concert we went to see was Ego Likeness opening for elder statesbeings of goth The Mission UK. Chances are you've heard some of the Mission's work on the radio because they got some airplay in the US way back when, probably Severina or Blood Brother. If not, give them a listen and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

I don't have enough time or spoons to write about what I remember of the show, so I'll leave you with those Youtube links and a photo album. Here it is.