More random crap from my L2 and L3 cache.

16 January 2014

I've updated my .plan file again. The usual warnings about NSFW content, lack of context, sarcasm, and "Why in the hell would you put that in there?!?" apply.

Incidentally, the reason I put some of that crap into my .plan file (he says to the people who clicked through the cut) is to remind myself that there are people who genuinely believe some of those things, so that I can make plans with them in mind and not get blind-sided yet again by the sheer bloody-mindedness and utter lack of compassion that some people live their lives by, and recommend to other people that they live the same way. Complacency means disaster.

EDIT: 21 December 2023 - I fucking told you so. I warned you about stairs, bro. I told you, dawg.