There will be a Mini-Maker Faire in Silver Spring, MD.

15 September 2013

I haven't seen this get a whole lot of love recently, so I thought I'd boost the signal in some small way.

On Sunday, 29 September 2013 between 1200 and 1700 EST5EDT there will be a Mini Maker Faire in Silver Spring, Maryland. If you've never heard of Maker Faire, it's a series of events organized and thrown by Make Magazine that are collectively billed as the Greatest Show-and-Tell on Earth. At a Maker Faire you can see everything from 3d printing demonstrations to singing Tesla coils, combat robots to kite photography, and everything in between. Mini-Maker Faires are, as the name suggests, smaller local events which are community-driven and not organized by Make Magazine. You can see many of the same things there but they're not as huge as the regional ones.

The Silver Spring 'Faire will be held at the Silver Spring Civic Building (One Veterans Place; Silver Spring, MD; 20910). It's free to attend but if you want to enter any of the raffles being held you'll have to register on Eventbrite. NASA will have a team there doing interactive projects with the kids and you'll be able to help build a giant marble racetrack. Discovery Communications will be demonstrating a pumpkin trebuchet. DC's Central Kitchen will be talking about their edible urban garden. There will be aluminum aerogami, and HacDC will have a booth there, and we'll be demonstrating some of our projects. We'll also be doing live demos of Project Byzantium at the 'Faire. The full list of exhibits, displays, and activities can be found here.

Bring your families! Bring your kids! Bring your classrooms! Bring your projects!