A trip to the International Spy Museum.

03 August 2013

A couple of weekends ago Lyssa, Laurelindel and I did something that we've wanted to do for months, which was visit the International Spy Museum in downtown DC. This year their big thing is a 50 year James Bond retrospective, where they had props and models from the movies on display in addition to their other exhibits. Unfortunately, my camera was in macro mode the whole time so not all of the pictures I took came out the way I'd hoped. I kept the best of the photographs.

Here they are.

Talking about the Spy Museum over dinner, we made a few observations. The Spy Museum is interesting and has lots of nifty exhibits, but it also puts a friendly face on the intel community. There is context for everything, but being from an image vulnerable culture it doesn't really hit home. Some of the things that happen in the intel community would make one's blood run cold if they were known. When you think about it, when the stakes involve global power there isn't much room for ethics or personal mores, there's a job to do and it has to get done one way or another. It also tries to make spying seem fun and interesting, and there are a lot of exhibits which kids are going to like. They even have kids-only nights and sleepovers at the museum with special activities. I think that bears a little consideration.