Project Byzantium awarded InformSec development grant!

Hit and run, because I'm at work:

The reason I haven't been posting much here is because I've been gearing up for this: Project Byzantium was awarded a grant by InformSec to advance the development of Byzantium Linux. The grant is for $10,000us across a six month period of time, during which we will accomplish the following milestones:

  • Port Byzantium Linux to the RaspberryPi.
  • Port Byzantium Linux to the Intel Macbook.
  • Develop a method for interfacing Byzantium Linux with existing amateur radio mesh networking projects.
  • Release v0.4.
Parties interested in joining the development effort are encouraged to join our mailing list. If you do not have or do not wish to set up a Google Account, simply send an e-mail to the addresss byzantium plus subscribe at hacdc dot org (spamblocked, but also documented here in step 4).