Getting yourself set up on Terasaur.

Long-time members of the open source community no doubt remember, which is one of the first and largest online archives of open source software. It doesn't see as much love as it used to due to how many open source project hosting sites there are out there (including the venerable Sourceforge, Github, and Google Code). Also, because cheap to free personal web hosting is so common, it's trivial to upload your projects these days. In recent years, however, the iBiblio team set up Terasaur, a BitTorrent tracker which makes it much easier to distribute large projects (such as distributions of Linux or application suites) using BitTorrent. They do the work of seeding for you so you don't have to tie up your home net.connection.

I just set up a Terasaur page for Byzantium Linux v0.2a, and here's how I did it. Specifically, here's how I did it after figuring out what I was doing wrong...

I'll start by saying that even though an account has been provisioned for you on Terasaur, it can take up to a week before you'll actually be able to upload anything. Check back periodically but if you don't see the "Editor Options" menu on the right-hand side you can't add anything to the torrent archive. Sit tight until you receive an e-mail from the admins that says that your account has been enabled.

When your account has been enabled, start by making a .torrent file for what you want to upload. I used the Terasaur tutorial for using Transmission to make a .torrent file.

Then follow their instructions for uploading the .torrent you just made to their tracker.

Now, here's where it is less clear: Go to the page for the .torrent you just uploaded and download a new copy of the file from Put it into a different directory, or give the file a different name. Just keep track of it. On Terasaur click the "Start upload" button on the page. Now load the .torrent file you just re-downloaded into your BitTorrent client and start seeding. You will upload the files to the Terasaur archive, where their seedboxes will cache a copy locally and make them available to whomever wants them. When your upload hits 100% you can shut down your BitTorrent client because the seedboxes at Terasaur have taken over.