Announcing the Washington, DC Cryptoparty!

25 September 2012

On 14 October 2012, HacDC will be hosting the first #cryptoparty in Washington, DC. Everyone in the DC metroplex who is concerned about privacy, anonymity, surveillance, stalking, journalism, or activism are invited to attend, regardless of your level of technical expertise or field of endeavor. At the #cryptoparty, experts will be on hand to teach you what you need to know to evade surveillance, protect your e-mail from eavesdroppers, protect the data on your hard drives and USB keys from theft, and communicate safely.

The #cryptoparty begins at 5:00pm sharp on 14 October 2012, so bring your laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs. Install all applicable security updates beforehand. We will show you what your options are, train you in the use of those tools, and make sure that you are using them safely. Bring a few dollars to help defray the cost of pizza; bring your own drinks.

Here is the official DC #cryptoparty page, with a tentative schedule of workshops.

Here is the official HacDC announcement!

Download the official flyer!

Want to see what's happening in other places? Watch the Twitter hashtag: #cryptoparty

Please, no photography or recording without the express permission of everyone present.