August 2012 Byzantium development sprint this weekend!

20 August 2012

To work around some scheduling conflicts, this month's Project Byzantium development sprint will be held this weekend, 24 and 25 August 2012 at HacDC. If you've been following the project for a while and would like to get involved, or if you're a new developer and would like to get up to speed this will be a perfect time. In addition to talking over lessons learned since the release of v0.2a we'll be teaching new developers everything you'll need to know to get up to speed.

If you can't attend physically we'll be livestreaming the sprint so you can watch and listen at home. If you want to talk with us we'll also have a Mumble conference that you can connect to. Mumble clients for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux are free and can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Haxwithaxe has set up a Mumble server at, port 64738. I don't know what channel we'll be on, but it'll probably be called Byzantium.

The development sprint starts on Friday night at 1930 hours EST5EDT and will go until whenever. We will reconvene at HacDC on Saturday afternoon around 1200 hours EST5EDT and will be online and hacking until 2130 hours EST5EDT that night.

We hope to see you there!