In the home stretch.

We're in the home stretch. I'm writing this at HacDC while waiting for a build to finish. We're getting ready to freeze the codebase for v0.2a of Project Byzantium, after which time we're not going to change anything until people start using it and the bug reports come in. In other words, we'll have a code freeze until we start working on the next release. We have special give-aways for HOPE Number Nine and a presentation to finish up (start, really).

Anyway, this is a post to say where I'll be and what we're doing. I have two presentations scheduled at HOPE next weekend. First, on Friday (13 July 2012) at 4:00pm EST5EDT I'll be speaking with several other agents of Telecomix in the Dennis room about Hacktivism, Tools, and the Arab Spring. On Saturday night (14 July) at 7:00pm EST5EDT in the Sassaman room I'll be presenting with Sitwon and Haxwithaxe on Project Byzantium: Ad-hoc Wireless Mesh Networking for the Zombie Apocalypse. After our presentation we'll be announcing the release of v0.2a on stage, and then we'll be going down to the hackerspace village on the Mezzanine of the Hotel Pennsylvania to give a workshop on mesh networking and hand out five hundred copies of Byzantium Linux v0.2a for a live demonstration. We're going to build the biggest Byzantium mesh yet to stress test it.

HOPE will be streaming video of the presentations online, but I don't have any information about how or at what links. When I do I'll edit this post and re-link it far and wide.

Let's do this.