Not dead, only busy.

20 April 2012

For everything going on right now, I've had surprisingly little time to work on much of it.

In my last post I mentioned some of the things I've got going on right now, all of which have been keeping me from writing about other stuff. In the past week or so I've had a half-dozen things, all with roughly equal priority in the scheduler pop up and demand attention. I've been seeing to them as best I can, as often as I can, as efficiently as I can. Now that I've got a few of them mostly taken care of I think I've got some breathing room.

First of all, CISPA. Read about it. Do something about it. Right now.

Things at work suddenly got interesting and I've been putting in rather a lot of time getting stuff done. It was made apparent to me that I'd best wrap up a few things before it was too late, so I put my nose to the grindstone and hacked away for all I was worth. In the end I think I've tied up a few of the worse loose ends and have freed up compute cycles for the other stuff. Too much multitasking results in poor performance regardless of your processing substrate. At the very least I've bought myself a little time and set a few gears in motion that'll run down more predictably.

Windbringer's been migrated into a new chassis, a Dell Inspiron 17r that I've customized the hell out of. Once I've got everything tweaked just the way I like it I'll do a life-with-Linux writeup and post it here for public reference. Windbringer seems pretty pleased with his new shell and I'm not complaining overmuch, either. So far we've done a few reasonably short writing projects (around 2500 words each) this week and I'm almost used to his keyboard. I find the new-school chiclet keys more comfortable and responsive to my typing style, though the numeric keypad throw me off a little. I'll put his hardware to a more strenuous test this weekend and pay close attention. Unfortunately, I had to go with a larger keyboard to work around my wrist problems; cumulative heat damage to Windbringer's old shell forced me to purchase a replacement before I was out a laptop (and primary workstation).

I'm setting aside some time this weekend to work on Byzantium Linux. There are some tickets that need closed and tasks that I wasn't able to finish at the last development sprint. Things are getting crazy at Project Byzantium and we're aiming for the release of v0.2a before CarolinaCon because we're going to be presenting there. The Byzantium core team will also be presenting at HOPE Number Nine in July about Project Byzantium. Not only do we have to put together another presentation for HOPE (because they've asked for as few re-runs as possible we're forking the Byzantium presentation into a system architecture/deployment model presentation for CarolinaCon and a technical specifications/threat model presentation for HOPE so that each will cover different aspects of the project) but we're also hoping to do release another version (v0.3 something, alpha or beta, we're not sure which) at HOPE and maybe set up a mesh in the Hackerspace Village. On top of all of that, I'll be part of a panel on hacktivism and its role in the Arab Spring at HOPE. This might involve interpretative dance.

It's not that I don't have stuff to write about right now, believe me, I do). At this particular moment, my available time and energy is better spent working on other things. When I have more compute cycles free I'll write something more substantial.