This weekend: DC Discotech!

04 November 2011

DISTRIBUTION: Washington, DC and surrounding areas. If you're outside of this area please boost the signal!

This weekend in Washington, DC as part of Digital Capital Week Broadband Bridge will be holding a Discovering Technology fair so that people active in the local community can exchange ideas, find out what has to be done, show off what they're working on, and build something great for the DC metroplex. The DiscoTech is a free event which starts at 12:00pm on Saturday, 5 November 2011 and will run until 5:00pm at Bread For the City (1525 7th Street NW, Washington DC). Among the activities at the DiscoTech will be stations where you can ask questions about commonly-used and cutting edge technologies, personal electronic devices, and most of all learn how policy and the Net both impact and help build local community. Workshops will be held that afternoon starting at 1:00pm on a variety of topics from robotics to broadband policy and tech projects active in the DC metroplex. It is suggested that those who are interested RSVP at but the way the announcement is written it seems as if anyone can drop in. Ben the Pyrate and I will be there speaking about mesh networking and Project Byzantium.

We hope to see you there!