Subconjunctival hemorrhage.

14 September 2011

As I've said a few times, all the nights I spent at the gym prior to moving into our new house really paid off. While I'm nowhere near as strong as the movers were I can still pick stuff up and put it down again without a whole lot of trouble. At least, until Lyssa pointed this out to me:

The left-hand image was taken an hour after Lyssa noticed; the right-hand image was taken a week later.

It seems that, while cleaning up the basement last friday I managed to give myself a subconjunctival haemorrhage. To put it another way, a capillary in my left eye ruptured and blood has leaked between the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the eye) and the sclera (the white of the eye). It doesn't hurt really (I think the discomfort I do feel is psychosomatic, because it only twinges when I actually sit down and think about it), and it doesn't seem to have adversely affected my vision but it does look a little creepy, and it scares the hell out of you when it first happens. I don't think the bleeding has continued, I think the change in size of the haemorhhage is from the blood spreading itself out as the pressure equalized between the two layers fo tissue. Plus, I habitually sleep on my left side, so pressure overnight against the pillow may have had something to do with this.