Giving datalove in HTML.

03 July 2011

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that I've been playing around with the theme for my website in subtle ways (mostly so that, if I do screw something up it won't hose my entire site). This is partially due to the fact that I simply can't leave well enough alone if I can help it, and partially due to the fact that I've been forced to learn HTML by Project Byzantium. But, that's neither here nor there. A few months back, some of the agents over at Telecomix put together a side project called the Summer of Datalove to promote the free exchange of information, and to promote the idea developed a notional currency that you can give and receive. It won't get you much, probably just a hug or two , but everybody born after 1970 seems to love racking up points of one kind or another. So, I picked an icon out of their image library that works well with the general not-design of my website and started playing around with the datalove API. I think I've put together some HTML that makes it possible to send someone datalove by clicking a button on a post:

Send some datalove my way!

It requires that you have an account over at (trivial to set up (and free)), and that you will have logged in already. Clicking on a datalove button should give the recipient one "<3", or one unit of datalove. Note that the path to the image file is unique to my website, so don't just cut-and-paste it, customize it if you use it.

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