Links to videos of protestor deaths in Syria.

30 June 2011

Mirrored from this pad at Telecomix, here are links to the deaths of multiple peaceful protestors in Syria. Much of this footage is graphic in nature, but it's also of people literally putting their lives on the line in the hope of making a better world to raise their children in. Please repost and retweet this widely.

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Videos are below the cut. Hajer Alkhatib: This is Hajer an 8 year old girl who died of her injuries after the security forces opened fire on a school bus. 8 other children were wounded, and an adult, (reportedly a general) an uncle of one of the injured children, who was accompanying them, was also killed.

Abdulla Awad Alamar from Daraa Syria, a 4 year old boy, was killed by the Syrian Security Forces, approximately 13th May. He died from gunshot, when he was accompanied by his father, who came out to demonstrate against the Syrian regime:

Indiscriminate Firing on Crowds Results in Child Deaths

Of the more than 100 children killed (28th June 2011), many were killed by indiscriminate firing on crowds.

At least 3 young teenagers were killed in Hamaa 3rd June, 2011 This shows part of the Security Force action that day, when there was clearly no attempt to protect children.
  • Mahmood Al-Jammal 13 years old
  • 2- Ahmed Al-Nabhan 13 years old
  • 3- Ahmed Mathloom 15 years old

Children, Beareavement, and Traumatic Stress

The psychological damage to the children of Syria, who are bereaved of friends and family, observe horrific incidents and live in fear cannot be exaggerated. The lives of thousands of children in Syria have been brutalised and they will need ongoing support to recover.

This video tells their story in their own words (with English subtitles):

The Children
More than 100 children have been killed, an unusually high proportion of the 1300-1400 who have been killed in the Syrian Revolution.

The torture and mutilation of some of these children ... their disappearances, with their mutilated and badly beaten bodies returned only days later, are some of the defining features of the cruelty visited on the children of Syria. That the regime claims so often it is not responsible for these deaths, does nothing to excuse the lack of investigation of these crimes.

Hamza Alkhateeb (With English Subtitles.) (On CNN website.)

Hamzah Ali Alkhateeb, a boy of only 13 years, went with his family from Aljeezah in the march to break the siege in Deraa. He was among the hundreds detained during the massacre of Seda in front of the army barracks. Hamzah's dead body was later handed over to his family with clear traces of torture, bruises all over his body, bullets have penetrated his corpse, and even more... his genitals were removed and then he was killed.

Later it was reported by activists in Syria that Hamza’s father and uncle had been arrested. They were shown on TV saying it wasn’t the regime’s fault, etc. Their emotional demeanour calls into question if these are the genuine uncle and father. They were keen only to excuse the regime and bless the President. The fate of the son/nephew, was barely touched upon.

Later, the Syrian regime claimed that he and his friend Tamer had been raping women in their homes. The worst crime that has been admitted, is that he and Tamer sprayed graffiti against the regime on a wall.

This boy, of 11 years old or younger from Daraa, was arrested by security forces more than 10 weeks ago. Inspired by videos of Egyptian revolution broadcast by the media, they wrote on their class board “People Want to Topple the Regime,” perhaps not knowing what it really means:

Mohammed Sweden
Title: Very touching moment of exit of the spirit of the martyr Mohammed Sweden

Uploaded by Syrian2011X on May 11, 2011
Text: (Arabic translated by Google translate) Demonstration Homs
The moment of exit of the spirit of the martyr, God willing, Mohammed Sweden and her accession to the Almighty God
Homs - Roundabout Fakhoura
Revolution to overthrow the tyrant Bashar
Description: Mohammed Sweden is shot at least once in the center of the chest just below the collarbone. The video consists of his last living moments of what appears to be a sucking chest wound. Frothy, oxygenated blood emits from his mouth consitent with such injury. The people surrounding him chant prayers.

Mohammed Sweden (second view)
Title: Very Sad - Syrian Protesters Final Moments Captured on Camera

Added: 06/01/2011 09:17:00
A second view of the death of Mohammad Sweden from a different cell phone.
Text: (English) The longer this goes on the less people seem to care, we need to keep exposing these atrocities as often as possible.

Message Written using bullets from the Security Forces
[Subtitles Included] - NEW ADDITION - #Idlib

#Syrians burns phone/utility bills - - "We will not pay for the bullets used to kill us any longer" - [Paraphrased] [Spotted at]

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