Free RPG Day 2011!

Tomorrow is Free RPG Day once again, a day to let your nerd flag fly by paying your friendly local gaming store a visit to see what they have in stock. If they're worth the Cheetos and Mountain Dew on their gaming tables they'll have some nifty new games for you to take home for the asking (it is Free RPG Day, after all). If you're lucky you'll be able to try them in the store with your closest friends (or people you don't even know, which can be just as fun). Or maybe you heard about tomorrow well in advance and you'll be at the store running a game or three for people, in which case, good on you.

If you can't make it to your local store for whatever reason (or there isn't one near you - oh, the horror!) you can always click over to Drive Thru RPG and browse their selection of licensed PDF downloads of most every game under the sun. They're all inexpensive, they're legit, and most of all you can often download sneak peeks of the games before you decide to commit your hard earned dollars to purchasing them.

To keep the datalove flowing, might I suggest that you take a look at the game Eclipse Phase today if you're a fan of science fiction gaming? You've got your post-apocalyptic solar system.. you've got your insane weakly godlike artificial intelligences laying waste to the human race.. you've got your uplifted raven mercenaries, Nietzschean descendents of the survivors of the Fall of Man, and people wearing bodies that never get sick, never get old, and make today's Olympic athletes and top scientists pale in comparison.. and then there are the Other Things Out There.

Oh, and you can torrent Eclipse Phase legally because the game is published under a Creative Commons license.

On your way to the game, why not warm up by listening to one of the actual play episodes of the podcast Role Playing Public Radio? They're just what they sound like - a group of friends getting together to play a session or two of an RPG around the table for fun, only we get to listen in. I highly recommend the episodes Gaga 2.0 and Omar Shakti Must Die! for your listening pleasure.

And now, a little something from Sooj Tucker: