Project Byzantium presentation at NOVALUG.

31 May 2011

Earlier this month (I know, I know, I plead working on the weekends) Ben Mendis and I presented at NOVALUG on Project Byzantium. We had a pretty good turnout that Saturday, especially seeing as how the location was changed at the last minute but the NOVALUG website hadn't been updated. Ben and I had worked on the presentation all week using Google Docs and I think we did a pretty good job of putting together a framework to speak from that didn't put people to sleep. I also think we did a pretty good job for a) not rehearsing together beforehand, and b) with one of us operating at diminished capacity (I was still recovering from an ear infection).

Unfortunately, nobody recorded the presentation so all we have to show for it is our Powerpoint slides. You can download them from here if you like. Please comment if you'd prefer other file formats (like PDF).