Project Byzantium presentation at NOVALUG - 14 May 2011!

06 May 2011

On 14 May 2011, Ben Mendis and I will be presenting on Project Byzantium at NOVALUG. We'll be talking about what Byzantium is and why we're building it, and we want more people to get interested in this project. Ben and I will be talking a little bit about what routing does (at the 50,000 foot view), what mesh routing is and why it's important, the nature of the Egypt and Katrina Problems, and the solutions we have in place for those problems. We're also going to talk about how Byzantium specifically works, what resources will be available on a Byzantium mesh, and we'll also talk about some of the technical difficulties we've run into and what we're doing about them. Questions will be taken after the presentation is over.

The meeting will be held at the Palantir offices (1660 International Drive, 8th Floor, McLean, VA 22102) at 1000 EST5EDT that Saturday. We hope to see you there! Please spread the word!