DC ice storm snarls area.

18 January 2011

I had a feeling that we'd be in for a bad one today - yesterday afternoon felt and smelled like snow and the air was crisp and cold. Last night I wasn't sure at first if it was raining or snowing. By the time I went to bed there was no question about which it was, though I must confess a little shock this morning when I discovered that the snow/sleet/rain last night had turned into a quarter inch thick rime of ice coating everything outside, from the bannister and front steps of my apartment building to the parking lot to every car out there. Work was on yellow alert, meaning that the facility wouldn't be open until 0900 EST5EDT, so I figured that I had some time to clean the TARDIS off, get a tank of gas, and pick my way down the Beltway to get to work and maybe burn a little flextime this afternoon.

No such luck. Up until the moment my ice scraper broke, I was having better luck slamming the car door, which actually cracked the ice in a few places. I have yet to figure out exactly what kept the door from closing the whole way; I suspect it has something to do with the way the ice broke preventing the door from returning to its original position.