Merry Christmas and a Joyous Yule to everyone.

In an attempt to beat the snow predicted for the DC area sometime today, Lyssa and I left Pittsburgh late last night (0007 EST5EDT) and arrived in DC somewhen around 0430 EST5EDT. After unpacking the TARDIS we promptly passed out for the next six hours. It's been trying to snow off and on all day. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll see any of the snow they've been predicting.

We're home. We've been busy and traveling. We visited our respective families in Pennsylvania and exchanged gifts. I now have a kilt and a silly hat.

Lyssa, Jason, the Wrong Hands, and I saw Tron Legacy before Lyssa and I left for Pittsburgh. I loved it; I'd go see it again; I bought the soundtrack for us to listen to on the way home. Go see it.

I took down because I got sick of spammers creating spurious accounts and filling up the database with crap. Cleaning it out was taking a couple of hours a day. I'm now using to manage my bookmarks online. One of these days I might learn PHP to write my own online bookmark manager because all the ones I've found are either full blown content management systems (which are way more than I need) or just suck.