The TSA is listening to the people, all right...

23 November 2010

I was originally going to fold this into my follow-up post on the TSA's "get imaged by a pornoscanner or get felt up by a screener" policy but I think this deserves to be brought up by itself, lest it get lost in the noise.

The US TSA is most certainly listening to everyone pushing for them to stop degrading people and do something which actually increases security. They are paying attention. And they have decided to say that everyone kicking up a fuss is a threat. The high points of an internal TSA document were sent anonymously to a journalist in Canada who spoke out about this last week (hey, can we get some Wikileaks (anon.) (20101123: SSL access nonfunctional.) or Cryptome (anon.) (20101123: No SSL support.) action here?), who then published some of the high points. Among them: Obama fully supports the TSA and what they're doing to us, as well as measures taken against the backlash by the TSA. Anyone who "interferes" with the screening process, anyone taking part in Opt Out Day tomorrow, and “any person, group or alternative media source” (that's us, people) should be considered a "domestic extremist" (whatever that means). The identities of identified individuals are to be collected and submitted electronically to the Department of Intelligence and Analysis of the Department of Homeland Security. What comes next, anybody knows but Big Brother is most certainly watching.

I hope their "electronic means" of data submission get slashdotted tomorrow. Everybody who has to fly on the 24th, opt out of the pornscanners and make them skin search you. Everybody. We cannot stand for this, the only reason they're putting travelers through this is to try to bully us. They are measures to make us fear them, make us easier to control, and to make us shut up and submit. When last I checked this country was founded by people who stood up for what was right and said "Hell, no!"