The results are in for the Hackerspaces In Space Competition.

Official word has just come down the wire about HacDC's entry for the Hackerspaces In Space competition. The HacDC Spaceblimp unfortunately didn't place in the top five. The weight of the near-space probe was 1.81 pounds (well under the limit) and was retrieved the day of the judged launch in just 93 minutes. However, the project went over budget by $70us, which kept the Spaceblimp out of the winner's circle by scoring only 70 points.

We're not done yet, though. There will likely be another competition next year, and there are plans afoot for launching a new Spaceblimp, not because we're competing for anything but because we've got some interesting ideas and want to see if we can make them work.

EDIT: Here are the official results.