An open letter to Terry Jones, pastor, Dove World Outreach Center.

You can't blink without running into a news article about Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center (slashdotted at the time of this writing) and his scheme to burn a bunch of copies of the Q'uran, the holy book of the path of Islam outside of his church in Gainesville, Florida this Saturday (11 September 2010). It's on again, it's off again, and even the pastor of the church that punted him like Jeff Reed stood against him.

Then word got around that there was something better to do than get all steamed up over it... Greetings, salutations, and health Mr. Jones.

I have been following the media coverage of your church's intention to burn copies of the Q'uran, the holy book of the path of Islam on the eleventh of September, 2010 e.v. I found it most interesting that a person who claims to be a representative of the People of the Book would ever advocate setting the torch to a holy book of any kind and decided to investigate further. My research lead me to conclude that if a book was considered such a threat that anyone would want to set fire to it, then I had better see for myself what all the hub-bub was about. After all, letting someone else do my thinking for me is never an acceptible turn of events. Thus, I set to locating a copy of the Q'uran and a number of Arabic lexica to aid in my study. It is my sincere hope that, if your Q'uran burning event does take place that you keep in mind that the face you show to the people of this country and around the world (because rest assured, people from Tokyo to Moscow, New York City to McMurdo Sound have eyes, microphones, digital cameras, webcams, remote viewers, and even aerial drones paying close attention) is the face of xenophobia, racism, and hatred, and not the face of compassion which the People of the Book are exhorted to show. I hope that this upcoming Saturday is a concrescence of Time for you, in which you see yourself for what you truly are and that vision changes you for the better.

In that hope, I have made a $23us fnord donation to Doctors Without Borders, an international organization which shows empathy and mercy to its fellow human beings by journeying to lands far abroad (even predominently Muslim lands - shock! gasp!), bringing medical supplies, and assisting those less fortunate than we. Unlike you and your organization, they do not spend money purchasing books to burn and instead put it toward bringing assisting those who need it most. It is my fervent wish that you and yours never, ever require such assistance because, after all, what goes around comes around, and I suspect that your actions this upcoming Saturday (if they indeed came to pass) would ensure that no one would come to your aid.

In nomine Discordia,

The Doctor [412/724/301/703]