Eclipse Phase NPC: Paul - El Pulpo Magnifico!

System: Eclipse Phase
Character name: Paul - El Pulpo Magnifico!
Apparent age: 3
Character concept: Psychic octopus, professional sportscaster

Prior to the Fall of transhumanity people always said that there was something a little.. off.. about an uplifted giant Pacific octopus whom the Somatek geneticists decanted. Given the name Paul, he soon distinguished himself from his broodmates by becoming something of a historian. It's widely agreed that the first thing Paul saw after awakening to sentience was probably a sportscast of some kind; maybe it was microgravity rugby, maybe it was superconducting hockey, it might even have been centripital soccer. One thing is certain: he is as knowledgable about sports of all kinds, even those dating as far back as the early twentith century as he is eccentric. A fan of the game (any game) but utterly lacking the physical talent to play he soon took to sitting on the sidelines.. er.. climbing up the walls and perching inverted on the ceiling of the stadium while chattering a blinding stream of color commentary over the local mesh, complete with multi-tentacled interpretative gestures that once nearly caused him to be turned into the ball of a rugby game when he fell on one of the players. While sitting on the sidelines recuperating he kept two swiveling eyes on the action and his inner eye on the mesh, still sucking down sports history and archived recordings of sports matches.

Over time he began broadcasting live XP of the games he attended, complete with color commentary and AR toggles leading to stats, projections, and histories of all of the players. Paul built up quite a fan following in the months that followed, so much so that it's rumored that entire segments of the Lunar population might have missed the Fall of transhumanity had antimatter weapons not been involved. After a time of reconstruction Paul's lively narration became legendary in the Lunar habitat he called home and the moment he was able to set off on his own Experia offered him a position as an AR sportscaster. Little effort was required to build a viewership for Paul on Luna; aided by Experia's master memetic engineers and viral marketers he rapidly developed a following of sports fans (not a few of them in the Mercurial camp) around the solar system. His insightful commentary, strategic analysis, and uncannily accurate predictions of plays and point spreads have earned him kudos from the Suryas living on the surface of Sol, ravening anarchist sportsafficionados as far away as the asteroid belt, no holds barred armchair (and otherwise) quarterbacks of the Jovian Republic, and even (so the stories say) a couple of ancient members of the hyperelites scattered around the solar system. Gatecrashers are even known to archive rather than watch the games Paul comments on to have fun and new to watch during the rare moments of downtime on the far sides of the Pandora Gates.

And his unusually savvy predictions of point spreads? Yeah, about that...

What Paul strongly suspects, and takes pains to conceal through his wacky antics as a meshcast journalist is that he was exposed to the Watts-McLeod strain of Exsurgent early in life. While not a member of any conspiracy Paul's true gifts lie in his ability to observe, watch, and listen.. even to the Somatek scientists who endlessly analyzed and re-analyzed genetic samples, scans, and mesh usage profiles. One of them once let slip the word when they thought he wasn't paying attention and Paul searched the lunar mesh relentlessly until he found a cache of files which discussed the virus and some of its effects in vague terms. Paul doesn't have the whole story, or even as much as your average Firewall operative, but what he uncovered was enough to strike fear in his three hearts. He is certain that Something has taken the governor from his internal dialogue and suspects that the same Something is responsible for his marathon bouts of research, constant talking head patter, and pathological lack of sleep. Those close to him suspect that he makes too frequent use of circadian rhythm regulating software to stay awake for long periods though his muse fights tentacle and beak to keep him on track. Over the years he developed a highly idiosyncratic manner of speech and gesticulation to convey the ideas burning in his brain, even going so far as to invent new words expressed through gestures involving most or all of his tentacles, funnel, skin coloration and mantle texture.

When not on the sportscasting circuit Paul is in clandestine contact with a number of hypercorps and Argonaut groups researching psi. Paul's muse takes point for most of these discussions, turning Paul's distinctive voice into ideas a non-Mercurial mind can more readily make sense of (as well as further concealing his identity). Some very useful information has wound up in many different hands, and Paul, for his part, has come to have a degree of control over the strange notions and glimpses that batter his consciousness. Now he can turn them into patterns that he can make use of, and sometimes display across his mantle in the form of dancing pinpricks of shadow, whorls of neon color, and oozing ridges and crags of skin.

When Paul isn't actively concentrating on his appearance, one of his eyes is pale blue in color, and the other greenish gold.

Background: Uplift
Faction: Mercurial
Motivations: +parapsychology, +cognitive liberty, +journalistic liberty


  • Cognition: 15
  • Coordination: 15
  • Intuition: 25
  • Reflexes: 15
  • Savvy: 21
  • Somatics: 15
  • Willpower: 20
  • Moxie: 3

Calculated statistics:
  • Lucidity: 30
  • Trauma threshold: 5
  • Insanity rating: 60
  • Initiative: 60
  • Damage bonus: 1
  • Death rating: 45
  • Speed: 1
Credits: 700
  • f-rep: 70
  • r-rep: 30
  • c-rep: 30

Positive traits:
  • Psi (1)
  • Psi Defense (1)

Negative traits:
Psi sleights (Chi):
  • Cognitive Boost
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Instinct
  • Predictive Boost
  • Pattern Recognition

Active skills:
  • Blades (SOM) 60
  • Climbing (SOM) 80
  • Clubs (SOM) 50
  • Exotic Ranged Weapon: Ink Attack (COO) 60
  • Unarmed Combat (SOM) 50
  • Fray (REF) 65
  • Investigation (INT) 60
  • Kinesics (SAV) 61
  • Networking (r-rep) (SAV) 36
  • Networking (c-rep) (SAV) 36
  • Networking (f-rep) (SAV) 46
  • Perception (INT) 55
  • Protocol (SAV) 46
  • Psi: Sense (probability) (INT) 60
  • Swimming (SOM) 50

Knowledge skills:
  • Academics: Biology (COG) 35
  • Academics: History (COG) 45
  • Academics: Neurology (COG) 35
  • Art: Performance (INT) 55
  • Language: Spanish (native) 90
  • Language: English (INT) 75
  • Language: Japanese (INT) 75
  • Interest: Ancient Sports (COG) 55
  • Interest: Transhuman Sports (COG) 65
  • Interest: Occultism (COG) 35
  • Interest: Psionics (COG) 25
  • Interest: Gambling (COG) 35
  • Profession: Sportscasting (COG) 60
Starting morph: Octomorph
  • durability: 30
  • wound threshold: 6
  • Advantages:
    • Eight arms
    • Beak attack
    • Ink attack
    • Limber (2)
    • 360 degree vision
  • Basic Biomods
  • Basic Mesh Inserts
  • Cortical Stack
  • Chameleon Skin
  • Circadian Regulation
  • Poison Gland (paralytic)
  • Oracles
  • Muse
    • Intuition - 20
    • Hardware: Electronics - 30
    • Academics: Psychology - 60
    • Interface - 40
    • Infosec - 30
    • Profession: Accounting - 60
    • Programming - 20
    • Research - 30
    • Perception - 30
    • Profession: Psychotherapy - 40
    • Interest: Neo-Cephalopod Culture - 40
    • Language: Neo-Cephalopod - 40
  • Backup Insurance (three months)
  • AR Illusion Software
  • Anonymous Accounts x3

This work by The Doctor [412/724/301/703] has been placed under the Creative Commons By Attribution / Noncommercial / Share Alike 3.0 License. Enjoy your psychic octopus.