Rtorrent and proxies.

16 August 2010

For those of you who are fans of the text-based BitTorrent client rtorrent, it is worth noting that you can run its tracker communication traffic (though not its block exchange traffic) over an HTTP proxy of some kind by setting an environment variable http_proxy=http://some host:port/ before you start rtorrent. This appears to work because rtorrent is linked against libcurl to implement HTTP. However, please note that some BitTorrent trackers specifically disallow the use of proxies, and might penalize or ban you outright for doing so. If you want to do this, just set the above environment variable before running rtorrent. If someone sends you a private message asking you to not do that anymore, stop rtorrent (control-Q, control-Q), run the command unset http_proxy to delete the offending environment variable, and then restart rtorrent.

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