Lyssa unboxing Starcraft 2 on Sunday at lunch.

At long last, Starcraft II.

The front cover folds out to reveal more about the story.

DVD-ROM in its sleeve and what passes for the manual.

Bonus: a notepad bearing wanted posters for Jim Raynor.

We also ran into something all too common at lunch that Sunday whilst leafing through the contents of her just-purchased copy of Starcraft 2. I happened to be leafing through what passes for the game's manual (which is largely a recap of what happened during the origial Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War). At one point our waiter came up to refill our drinks and made a couple of comments to me about the game. In point of fact, the game isn't mine - it's Lyssa's. Both of us were slightly miffed by his offhanded assumption that my wife wouldn't have any interest in video games at all.

A word to the wise: it is neither wise nor accurate to assume that one's female companion is not a geek. Sometimes they will code circles around you, and sometimes they'll hand you your ass on the game grid.