A quick post-HOPE update.

20 July 2010

I'm back from The Next HOPE in New York City with lots to write about and lots of pictures to put up. However, I'm also snowed under at work this week, so my writeup of the con is going to take a while to put together (a paragraph here and there), edit, check, and finally get posted. Suffice it to say, getting three hours of sleep the night I got back to DC didn't leave me in a state to really do anything coherent. What I will say is that TNH was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had, and I feel honored to have been a part of everyone's experience.

If you want to see TNH pics, here's a Flickr search for you.

(Updated 20100720 @ 0939 EST5EDT)
In case you missed the con there is a BitTorrent tracker providing video recordings of the presentations in .m4v format with the blessing of the convention's organizers. There are just a handful of recordings available right now but more are sure to come. You can watch them using VLC if you don't have a media player handy.