Cory Doctorow at Red Emma's Bookstore, 27 June 2010.

Late last month, Cory Doctorow stopped by a bookstore in Baltimore called Red Emma's as the last stop on his book signing tour for his new YA novel For the Win. So, Hasufin, Mika, and I piled into the car and headed for the fringes of Charm City and a tiny bookstore slightly below street level but surprisingly difficult to miss while either on foot or on wheels. We got there about an hour into Doctorow's presentation just as the line reached the front door and Doctorow answered a question about Squidgate, then a question about the message that the next generation hopefully would have gotten from the book Little Brother.

The answer, interestingly, was "Sometimes you need to work with the people older than you are."

The line stretched all the way around the store and (briefly) out the front door. It turned out that I'd overpacked by bringing everything; I didn't know how big the store was and how much time there would be. So, in the interest of not holding everything up I asked Cory if he'd autograph my copy of Little Brother. I also asked him if I could photograph his wedding ring while he was at the bookstore, and he graciously allowed me to do so. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out very well so I'd advise you to hit the link in that last sentence to get a good look at it. Oh, well.

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