Yeah, it's a little like that.

07 July 2010

The DC metroplex is the only place I've seen to date in which the following sequence of events can occur within sixty seconds:

  1. A woman with a handicapped parking tag in the rear window of her Volkswagon Beetle (new school) pulls into a handicapped parking space outside of a small deli.
  2. A young man driving a Corvette slams to a halt directly behind the Volkswagon approximately four seconds after the woman shuts her engine off.
  3. The young man in the Corvette (sans handicapped tag or license plate) begins to hammer on his horn with the vigor of a bandolier of hand grenades going off.
  4. The young man in the Corvette begins to shout at the top of his lungs in a vulgar manner at the woman to "Get the fuck out of his parking space."
  5. The young man in the Corvette remains oblivious to the non-handicapped parking space directly opposite the handicapped parking space in the parking lot ten feet away.
  6. The young man in the Corvette further remains oblivious to the fact that, even if the woman were inclined to give this jackass her parking space she could not because her Beetle was trapped by the Corvette.

In hindsight I should have photographed that jackass' license plate to plaster it all over Craigslist. Or 4chan.