A few pics from the Scott Sigler book signing, 24 June 2010.

03 July 2010

If you've not heard of podcaster and novelist Scott Sigler he's one of the luminaries of the new media movement. Before becoming a novelist who's taken the New York Times booklist by storm he recorded his novels as audiobooks and gave them away for free on iTunes, podiobooks.com and his own website, the idea being that if you liked them you'd send some money his way and possibly buy the novels when they made it onto dead trees. Lo and behold it worked and now he's on tour for the hardcover release of Ancestor, his latest novel.

I haven't read Ancestor yet. I started listening to Infected early in '07 as an audiobook and I had to stop listening after five or six chapters. Frankly put, every time Perry (the hapless protagonist of Infected) started gouging at his flesh (which I won't go into because it's a spoiler) I started scratching. And scratching. And clawing a little bit more, until my cow-orkers got so freaked out that none of us could get anything done at the office. So, I can't rightly give his work glowing reviews because I haven't been able to finish of it, but I can tell you that he's got the body horror thing down to such a fine degree that if you're not careful you'll find yourself following along a little too closely. By all means, download a couple episodes of his podcast and give it a listen, and if it's up your alley get thee to the bookstore and buy a Sigler novel or two.

Sigler was hilarious at Border's that evening. After reading the first chapter of Ancestor he talked a bit about the adventures he had while writing it (such as going on a snowmobile retreat during Snowpocalypse and accidentally running his laptop over), some of the side stuff he did with his fans that further fleshes out the stories (that's the new thing about writers on the Net - they interact with their fans in a direct manner), and some stuff about what it was like growing up. One can only imagine what he must have been like as a high school wrestler routinely taking something approaching the LD-50 dose of caffine and making the other team wonder if they'd shot him up with PCP before the match. I got to hang out with some pretty hardcore Sigler fans at the pub afterward and we had a blast talking, swapping stories (horror and otherwise), and generally finding out what a small place the DC metroplex really is.

Under the cut, pictures from the book signing.