Live at Stacy's - Catherine Asaro and Donald Wolcott!

01 July 2010

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I realize this is a bit late, I've been laid low by a sinus infection, but thankfully a few of us have been getting flyers put around the DC metroplex.

Saturday night, on 3 July 2010 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm Nebula Award winning author Catherine Asaro and musician Donald Wolcott will be performing live at Stacy's Coffee Parlor in Falls Church, Virginia to celebrate the release in paperback of Asaro's latest novel of the Skolian Empire series, Diamond Star. For one night only the duo will perform songs from the album of the same title which was conceived as a soundtrack for the novel. There will also be readings from Diamond Star interspersed between songs. If you've not familiar with it, Diamond Star tells the story of Del Valdoria - heir to the interstellar Ruby Dynasty, which mastered interstellar travel twice over and developed a psychic data network spanning the light years of space between the Dynasty's worlds. And yet all Valdoria wants to do with his life, rather than weather the vicissitudes of royalty, is be a holorock star on a little blue-green planet called Earth...

Catherine Asaro has a masters' degree in physics and a doctorate in chemical physics. She is also a former dancer, teaches classical ballet, and is a founder of Molecudyne Research, a private research outfit based in Columbia, Maryland. She has better than seventeen major publications to her name. Donald Wolcott plays three instruments in addition to the piano (which he took to like a fish to water at the tender age of five) and was declared the top jazz soloist at the Philadelphia University of the Arts in 2005. In 2008 he was awarded the Maestro Award at the Washington DC Heritage Music Festival. He is currently a student at at Towson University, to which he was awarded a music scholarship. The album Diamond Star is his second release on the music label Starflight Music.

See you there!