Heart disease isn't the number one killer in the United States. It's WTF.

You know, one of these days Lyssa is going to walk into my office and find me stone dead, keeled over my laptop clutching my chest, possibly with blood streaming from my nose and mouth and steam spraying wildly from my ears.

The Republican Party of the state of Texas has just published its official party platform for the year 2010 and they're going out of their way to make certain people feel welcome. It starts off pretty normally for them, about traditional marriage being founded upon one man and one woman, nevermind history saying something completely different (though that never stopped them). However, they are also demanding that Congress pass an amendment which will only permit heterosexual marriage in the United States, thus attempting to step on the toes of the other 49 in the union. To put the cherry on the cake they make the demand that anyone who performs a same-sex wedding ceremony or even issues a marriage license for a same-sex wedding be brought up on felony charges.

Time out, people. First of all, the GOP of Texas can't really make demands of Congress, nor are they calling the shots for every Republican in the United States. If the party at the national level starts echoing their cries (assuming that more of them don't get outed, which I wholly support) then we have something to worry about. Third... none of this has been passed into law yet, so for the moment it's still safe to be queer in Texas, at least for the moment.

Family values, indeed. One supposes that xenophobia, hatred, and homophobia are family values if they're passed down to one's children, though not of the sort we'd like to consider.