No jail time for Peter Watts.

27 April 2010

It seems that squidgate has drawn to a close - as of 1204 hours yesterday Peter Watts will not be getting any jail time. As confirmed on the St. Clair County Court Docket (search on case 09-003320-FH and click on 'Events') his jail term was suspended upon payment of court costs and fines ($68us state minimum; $60 crime victim costs; $1000us court costs, and a $500us fine) for violation of Michigan state law 750.81d (in essence, distracting a duly appointed law enforcement officer carrying out his or her duties, but it's a bit more involved than that). He'll have to leave a DNA sample on his way home (which immediately makes me think of a particular scene in Transmetropolitan, but that's neither here nor there) and depart the United States for home. I don't know what impact this will have upon Dr. Watts' ability to cross back into the country but I'd guess that it'll put the kibosh on things for a while.

Congratulations, Dr. Watts. While this is far from the optimal outcome (i.e., 'not guilty') it means that no jail time will be incurred.

Now, to write the governor of Michigan about getting this law changed.