Lower Marion School District's stash of surveillance photos found.

18 April 2010

The investigation into employees of the Lower Marion School District continues apace, and some highly disturbing things have been discovered. Evidence has been found that the admins employed by the district were using the surveillance software on for more than just tracking missing laptops. It seems that the software was used to keep tabs on students who hadn't returned their laptops at year's end or whose parents hadn't paid the insurance fee, uses of the surveillance software which are questionable at best. Also, and this is the bit that made the skin on the backs of my hands crawl, several thousand photographs were extracted from the workstations of Carol Cafiero (technology co-ordinator) and Michael Perbix (technician) as well as records of instant messages sent to and from said laptops through the course of the year. Some subset of those pictures (certainly enough to give the lawyers the scent of blood in the water) were of a student while he was asleep or partially dressed. E-mails sent by Cafiero made a number of references to her loving watching the lives of some of the students in the same fashion as a soap opera.

Cafiero plead the fifth when making a deposition; the district maintains that there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

Remember, everyone, disconnect your webcams (or close the lids of your laptops) if you want a little privacy at home. I have the sneaking suspicion that stuff like this is going to happen more often in the future.