Peter Watts goes to trial.

For those of you following the saga of Peter Watts, his trial began on Tuesday, 16 March 2010. I've been not posting about it to try to keep the signal-to-noise ratio as high as possible due to the rampant speculation, guesses couched as fact, and outright asshattery surrounding the case. What I will say is that Have Satellite Truck, Will Travel is covering the Watts trial directly - someone's not only on site but watching from the audience in the courtroom and posting updates as they come. It would appear that the trial itself actually took place on the sixteenth and seventeenth, and the case went to the jury earlier today. It seems that Watts' counsel got hold of the securicam footage from the border crossing and it's been entered into evidence for the defense. This afternoon, the jury asked to examine the recording on their own, for what it's worth. Watts' passenger (who was also told exactly what time it was by the guards) was also called to the stand to testify on his behalf. The three border guards who did the deed were also placed upon the stand to testify; not surprisingly, they all told exactly the same story (in uncannily the same way, if rumor is to be believed). We're all biting our nails over this one, Dr. Watts included.

The jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning.

We're all cheering for you, Dr. Watts.