to go away, subsumed into the Symantec borganism.

16 March 2010

Back in 2002, the desktop security company Symantec bought out Securityfocus, which at the time was one of the biggest clearinghouses of information security related information. Everything from mailing lists to archives of whitepapers can be found there, and for many years it was pretty much the first place to go if you wanted to monitor vulnerability reports and software releases. After Symantec bought them out there was some concern that Securityfocus would decline in quality as time and energy might no longer be spent maintaining and updating the website. That didn't happen, thankfully, but last week the other shoe fell. Beginning yesterday the archives of Securityfocus started being folded into Symantec Connect, which is Symantec's community/portal/forum/archive site that more closely matches the Symantec brand. If you take a look around in there (which you don't need a subscription or login to get to, at least, not yet) there isn't a whole lot to work with yet. Of course, or at least for the moment, there is a lot of content which is Symantec and Windows specific; there appears to be a couple of blogs (like Securityresponse) which are showing some fairly recent information. It's going to take time to dig through their site and see what they have available and where it is. I expect that this will change as more and more old content is added to the Symantec Connect archives, and hopefully they'll set up redirects from the Securityfocus website.

I just hope the mailing lists don't go away. A lot of good information gets posted to them.