Lower Merion quietly places two of their IT staff on leave.

08 March 2010

I've been following the surreptitious webcam surveillance saga of Lower Merion School District since the story first broke in February, and some interesting news has come out of the Philadelphia area. It seems that two people on the school's IT staff have quietly been placed on paid leave as a result of the investigation. The school district is still clinging to their story that the webcams were remotely operated to aid in recovering stolen laptops, nevermind the fact that the camera can't actually see anything if the lid is closed. Plus, it's remotely possible at best to identify the location of a stolen laptop unless you can see a couple of landmarks out of a window that just happens to be there and not just someone's wall. The district has stated on the record that they'd activated webcams remotely forty-two times in the past year and a half whenever laptops were reported missing or stolen.

Nevermind the fact that the parents of the student in question were sent copies of the pictures taken by his Macbook.

Time will tell. It'll be interesting to keep an eye on what happens when this case goes before a judge.