Just keep telling yourself: apply Hanlon's Razor first.

The saga of Dr. Peter Watts continues. He's crossed the US border a couple of times for hearings since his arrest in December of 2009, ostensibly for attacking a US border guard while trying to return to Canada. It's a given that he's going to go up on trial for real. However, it appears that he is now considered a fugitive from the law because he failed to show up in court on Friday, 5 March 2009. It is standard operating procedure that the defense and counsel are informed of their court dates in advance, but this time it seems they were not. Regardless of the origin of this fuckup, he's now considered to be on the run, arrest on sight, do not pass go, do not offer bail again. Dr. Watts' attorney is not available at this time because he's still on vacation.. after informing the court that he would be unavailable during their last appearance before the bench. Either somebody's trying to make an example of Dr. Watts or (more likely) somebody somewhere in the bureaucracy really screwed things up, but rarely is anyone called to account at times like these. Too messy and telling, you see.

The really sad thing is that he'd barely found out that he had been left out of a pretty important loop before a couple of bloggers who've been watching the court dockets like a hawk found out about it. Maybe they've got timers rigged to follow updates to the page, who knows?

It's really not looking good, now.