Senator of California busted in most embarassing DUI ever.

04 March 2010

There is a lot of breathlessly sensationalistic reporting about the arrest of Senator Roy Ashburn of California. Now, while my black little hearts oh so dearly want to leap up and down for joy at this turn of events, that's not the right thing to do. Let's face facts, here: he's been humiliated. He was thrown in jail but got out on $1400us bond (wow, that's cheap for DUI). His family and especially his children are probably taking this about as well as they would a pregnancy test that says they're about to have puppies. Chances are this could be the deciding factor over whether or not he gets recalled, which people have been trying to do in California for a while.

Let's break it down: Senator Ashburn has a record of voting against LGBT-related bills that hit the Senate. He's divorced with four kids. The CHP arrested him around 0200 PST8PDT last night because he was swerving on the road after leaving a gay nightclub in Sacramento called Faces. A passenger in his car, who was male was not detained (and remains unidentified). Maybe his passenger fronted the cash to get him out; maybe not.

The statement he issued to the press is... okay. I'm trying not to act like an asshole here, but his statement is really not that different from other congressfolk, senators, and lawmakers who were anti-LGBT but later were outed as being gay, or at least bisexual over the years. Another one bites the dust.