Snowpocalypse shenanigans.

11 February 2010

The DC metroplex is still snowed under, so it's been a pretty slow day for everyone. Around the time that the snowfall slowed to a manageable level (near the end of it, actually) we headed outside to clear away the latest eight inches or so of powder. It was fresh and still fluffy, so we made pretty short work of it. The car's been brushed off and moved a bit so we know that we can get out of the parking space if we need to (whether or not we could escape the complex is another matter entirely) and the engine still turns over, so I think we're good to go. For an encore we cleared part of the sidewalk and the front steps of our apartment building and then headed back in.

In Herdon, Virginia a small group of friends spent Snowpocalypse constructing an honest-to-goodness igloo. It took them three days and a considerable amount of packed snow but the structure they built was not only large enough to stand up in, but they even built a small fire inside of it and toasted marshmallows. I seem to recall reading someplace that they poured water down the outside to reinforce the structure with a rime of ice but it's not in this particular article. Meanwhile, over in Baltimore, Nick and Anna Berte built a snowman with a flamethrower in its mouth. There's a picture of the snowman.. ahem.. fired up for the public over there, and it looks pretty nifty. I wonder what they're using for fuel; probably propane.

On the music front some long-awaited news has hit the 'wires: Poe is recording again after a six year hiatus. Word's been going around amongst fans for years that there was some kind of legal battle between Poe and her record label that resulted in her only releasing two albums, Hello in 1995 and Haunted in 2004. As it turns out her contract was bought out by a private interest and it somehow crippled her ability to publish music (though she's done some work here and there - I was surprised to see her name in the musical credits for Repo!). No specifics have gotten out that I can tell (then again, I've not been active in the fandom for many years).