Because I feel like a nerd tonight, how about some statistics?

  .plan_file breakdown people quotes statistics

The top ten most often quoted people in my .plan file (myself excluded) as of 8 February 2010:

  1. Lyssa (199 times)
  2. Anonymous (114)
  3. Hasufin (110 times)
  4. Jason (49 times)
  5. Pegritz (46 times)
  6. Kyrin (41 times)
  7. Unknown (34 times)
  8. the.Silicon.Dragon (33 times)
  9. The Ferrett (29 times)
  10. Terrence McKenna (22 times)
All quotes of multiple people have been collapsed into a single name based upon the number of times all of the names appeared. People appearing under more than one name had all of their quotes totaled up.