Snowpocalypse II pictures.

07 February 2010

Edited and uploaded at last (the power failure this morning notwithstanding), here are the first round of Snowpocalypse II pictures. While many of the people in our complex spent a good bit of last night and today digging out, we're still plowed in. Our complex is considered a side street, and the state of Virginia isn't going to clear the roads back here until sometime later this week (when more snow is predicted). Plus, a few brainiacs have decided to park right in the middle of some of the roads which have at most a single lane free, so no one can really get anywhere. We saw a few people on skis making pretty good time, and Hasufin's been working on a pair of snowshoes in his spare time.

The federal government's called a code red, so only emergency personnel are supposed to come in... which isn't most of us.