Two press releases, on behalf of people who didn't ask for them.

30 January 2010

While I try to figure out what to write about, here are two press releases which will probably be of interest.

First of all, 2600 Magazine has has announced that pre-registration for The Next HOPE has opened. Held every two years at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan, the Hackers On Planet Earth conference draws hackers, crackers, cypherpunks, makers feds, and as many other sorts of people as you care to mention to present, attend presentations, get in trouble, and bounce ideas off of one another. The cost to attend HOPE is $75us in advance (paid through Yahoo's online store) or $100us in cash at the door (anonymously, of course). They've also put out a call for speakers who are interested in presenting this upcoming July. You don't necessarily need to present on infosec - if you experiment with tech in any manner you've got a chance of presenting, because after all hacking is more than finding exploits and cracking systems. No matter what it's a good time, and well worth the money.

Also, Evil Hat Productions has announced a momentous occasion: the Dresden Files RPG will debut at Origins. Four years in the making, the game based upon Jim Butcher's modern fantasy series The Dresden Files has been converted into a tabletop role-playing game set in the world of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. It's built around the FATE system, as are some of Evil Hat's other games, like Don't Rest Your Head and Spirit of the Century. In the game, you can play a wizard like Harry, a vampire (of the White Court, at the very least), one of the fae, a were-creature, or a plain-jane mortal with the heart to exceed. Walk the beat. Fight baddies. Protect the innocent. Try to make your rent payments. Wonder what in the hell is going on. Give the books a read and pick the game up.