Fox takes aim at Doctor Who spinoff; fans wary.

19 January 2010

One year after the television show Doctor Who returned to the airwaves, a spin-off show aimed at adult viewers called Torchwood was created as a spin-off. Centered around the character of Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood follows the adventures, foibles, and WTF moments of a black-ops outfit headquartered in Cardiff, Wales that takes it upon itself to investigate and minimize the impact of alien activities upon the Earth. There is a significant amount of crossover between the two fandoms, so it remains to be seen what they'll think of this...

Word has hit the Net that the Fox Broadcasting Company is working on a new version of Torchwood aimed at US rather than UK audiences. BBC Worldwide Productions is said to be working on the project with series creator Russel T. Davies writing at least one script (and probably more; details are sketchy). It is said that the series' original production team in on board and they might contract some of the actors from the original series to star, which wouldn't be a bad thing. The press release says that the storylines will be more global in nature rather than local (i.e., US or Wales-centric). There isn't a whole lot more hard information out there and I don't want to speculate. Suffice it to say that I don't trust Fox to not mess it up given what they've done to a few other good shows over the years.

Then again, after the last season of Torchwood (warning: spoilers) I have no idea how they'd keep the show going along its present course.

Time will tell.