Restaurant review: The Virginia Restaurant

I got up earlier than usual this morning to join Hasufin and Mika for breakfast on our day off. The restaurant we were going to visit wasn't open today (it usually isn't on Mondays, actually) so we had to re-work our plans at the last minute. After a little discussion we settled upon a different restaurant which none of us had tried before, a diner not too far away called The Virginian Restaurant in Vienna, Virginia (169 Glyndon Street; Vienna, VA; 22180; phone number 703-938-2333). It's a little greasy spoon-type place just off of Maple Avenue on the other side of the street from a small shopping complex. When you walk in the front door you'll find your classic mom and pop restaurant, from the bar along the right-hand side of the building with stools to sit at to tables and chairs everywhere else. The staff is very friendly, the prices are good (for a hearty breakfast expect to pay about $6.50us), and the food's quite good. If the breakfasts are any indication, the food is also horrible for you (as comfort food tends to be), but once in a while probably won't hurt you. I had my usual benchmark breakfast (eggs, bacon, home fries, toast, and coffee) and found it quite tasty. Mika seemed to enjoy her bacon, eggs, and grits, and Hasufin's pancakes were far larger than any of us expected. Oh, and the coffee's bottomless, so feel free to tank up while you're there. While we haven't tried any of the other food yet, I have no reason to think that it's any less tasty.

On the whole, I give the Virginian Restaurant one flaregun - if you're in the mood for warm, tasty comfort food, especially if you're going on the road, by all means stop by. The food's good and you won't regret it.