First snowstorm of the year.

19 December 2009

Yesterday morning, the newswires were burning up with winter weather warnings, effective midnight last night for a region of the eastern seaboard as far north as Manhattan and as far south as North Carolina. A Pittsburgh native, I said "Yeah, right," and proceeded to battle the DC beltway, which happened to be clogged with people who forget how to steer or accelerate whenever they think something is going to fall out of the sky. This included a multiple-hour drive home last night which culminated in my getting in the front door around 2230 EST5EDT after a cut-short dinner at a nearby diner.

Wow, do I suck.

This marks the beginning of the snowstorm which has turned my parking lot into a snowbank and required a hour-long job just to dig out the TARDIS.

EDIT: The DC Metro's aboveground service will be shutting down at 1300 EST5EDT due to the snowstorm. Thanks for the heads-up, William Gibb.

I should have known better than to try braving the storm this morning.

Chameleon circuit: I'm doing it wrong.

Needless to say, I'm probably going nowhere today.