There's cosplay, and then there's cosplay.

One of the big draws at Dragoncon every year are the costumes: all shapes, all sizes, all genres. You name it, chances are there are two of 'em wandering around, a third trying to cool off in the late summer heat, and one more camped out by the Cruxshadows' table waiting for an autograph. But sometimes, just sometimes, you see something that's downright amazing. Harrison Krix, the brains and hands behind Volpin Props, along with his fiancee' Emily amazed everyone at D*C this year with costumes from the videogame Bioshock - Emily went as one of the Little Sisters, and Harrison as a Big Daddy. Harrison's suit netted him two awards, "Best Journeyman" and "Best Professional Design" at the end of the con. A couple of weeks ago they got together with Dim Horizon Studio and did a photoshoot at the Georgia Aquarium. They arrived before the aquarium opened to be photographed near two of the exhibits, Tropical Diver and Ocean Voyager. If you've ever played Bioshock you'll be amazed; it's hard to not think that these are promo shots for the game because the costumes fit in so well with the aquaria as the background. The Big Daddy suit is picture-perfect, and the first time I saw Emily as one of the Little Sisters I shivered a little because she looks absolutely deranged.

Harrison and Emily, I hesitate to say this because it's done to death, but you did an epic job on your costumes and props.