A significant advance.

About two weeks ago, Lyssa's orthopedic surgeon sawed away her latest fibreglass composite cast to replace it with a walking cast, which is held on by a number of velcro straps, and thus removable. It also weighs much less than the composite ones that she'd been going through at a rate of one every two weeks (applied with increasingly acute angles at the ankle to gently stretch her surgically repaired achilles' tendon). It also simplifies bathing immensely in that the walking cast can be removed, which means that we don't have to tape garbage bags over her leg every morning.

Yesterday morning, Lyssa was able to stand upright in the shower, and she's regained a bit of mobility in her left foot. She was also able to shuffle for a few steps later in the day without the use of her crutches (though she was wearing the walking cast). She was a little sore this morning but isn't in any pain right now and seems to be doing pretty well.