An open letter to the ACLU.

20 November 2009

Dear American Civil Liberties Union:

I understand that your programs are funded largely by donations from the public. While I won't discount what your hard work has done for everyone or my personal participation in several of same, you really need to stop being so pushy. Earlier this year you sent me a donation request that, upon cursory examination, looked for all the worlds to be an overdue bill notice strongly resembling my monthly automobile payment. In the past nine days one of your solicitors in the state of Texas (phone number 512-916-0420) has taken to calling me several times per day, usually at the worst possible times (such as when I'm in the bathroom, in a teleconference, or while behind the wheel).

I've been nice. I've been polite. Now knock it off. Five to seven calls per day, every day for over a week have ensured that I will not be donating any money to you for a minimum of six (6) months.

Annoyedly yours,

The Doctor