Another Samhain, more or less.

Let's try this again, without the "Oops, I just lost everything you wrote."

Another Samhain has come and gone, which means that we have yet another chance to make things turn out for the best. Lyssa is still recovering from surgery a couple of weeks ago. Her cast was swapped out for a one-piece fitted fibreglass cast which means that her achilles tendon is healing up nicely. Neither of us had realized just how much energy repairing soft tissue damage takes out of you; Lyssa's able to move around in short bursts only so she's been spending most of her time at home. She's also been trying to shake whatever it is that's been going around lately. Maybe it's this year's variant of the flu, maybe it's H1N1, maybe it's just a really bad cold, but her immune system dropped the ball this time. Our evenings have been spent watching Babylon-5 on DVD and spending quality time with each other.

Now that things have calmed down somewhat at work I've been spending some time hoeing my own row, so to speak, namely, the three teeth that are going bad (an old filling on the top left, a molar on the top right, and my very first root canal on the bottom left). My dental insurance is just about used up for the year which means that I have to figure out how to cover at least one major procedure before the common calendar flips over.

Neither of us dressed up this year. I made a half-hearted attempt with some of the more mind-bending cognitive hazards in my closet at work, which if nothing else helped me feel better. After seeing some of the costumes that people put together this year (like this amazing piece of work) I've gotten it into my head to try rebuilding an old favorite of mine for next year, a Vorlon encounter suit. The way I figure it, I could mount some speakers in strategic places and use my Asus EeePC and a microphone to provide near-realtime sound effects. This time, without the coughing up of blood.

(If you use plaster for anything, for pity's sake clean up properly when you're done!)

On Saturday afternoon, Lyssa and I got up somewhen around noon (I guess we really needed the ten hours of sleep), and after attending to a couple of errands we set course for the House of Leaves to spend Samhain with Laurelinde, Nick, Bronwyn, Cate, and a couple of guests. Jose', Mers, and Dave (some of their gaming buddies) joined us last night, and we wound up spending the entire night playing Arkham Horror, a board game based upon the C'thul'hu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and the tabletop RPG Call of C'thul'hu. Dave brought so many expansions with him that we completely covered the gaming table plus an auxiliary table at the far end, which meant that we finally packed it in around.. 0100 EST5EDT this morning, unless I miss my guess. The Mythos aside, it's an interesting board game in that you really can't win unless you play cooperatively; all of the investigators have to work together to fight eldritch horrors, close gates, and collect clues because they have a snowball's chance in a blast furnace of defeating the Great Old One that awakens at the end of the game if they don't meet their victory condition.

By the way, I'd just like to say to the grocery stores that it's really poor form to start pulling the Halloween stuff from the shelves the morning of 31 October to replace it all with Christmas stuff. Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, people. At least give the kids a chance to go around for trick-or-treat before you get rid of it all.

I'd also like to say that the HP Lovecraft Historical Society's silent film adaptation of The Call of C'thul'hu is made of awesome and win, and all afficionados of the Mythos need to see it at least once. It's excellent.

We woke up this morning to breakfast courtesy of Nick, football on television, and shaking out the cobwebs from a night spent gaming. I headed for home early this afternoon to take care of a couple of chores because I was originally intending to go to HacDC this afternoon to hang out with some synthesizer hackers, but after checking my e-mail I found that the get-together at the 'space had been canceled. Thus, the afternoon was spent catching up on a few things and experimenting with XBMC on my "I can't believe it's still not a media machine!" I think I'm going to have to sit down with Jason (who originally assembled our home entertainment center) and figure out what I'm doing wrong. It might be as simple as requiring a different audio cable and plugging it into something other than the back of the television, I'm not sure.